Healthy Eating on a VISTA Budget

For many people, the New Year is a time to make positive changes to their health. Here in in the College of Science Advising Resource Center at Fresno State, we have definitely been on a health kick. For a lot of us, this means eating healthier and cleaner. This might seem like a daunting task, especially on an AmeriCorps VISTA or student budget. Continue reading “Healthy Eating on a VISTA Budget”


Tapping Into Resources

Erica Panado is a CSU STEM VISTA serving at San Diego State’s College of Science.

When I moved out-of-state to attend St. Edward’s University in Austin, there was some type of pressure to take advantage of my environment. I fell in love with the city of Austin (Live Music Capitol of the World) and my university campus. One way I was able to understand campus life and make a home for myself 1,500 miles from my hometown was to participate in student organizations and attend campus events. Aside from extracurricular involvement at the collegiate level, I tapped into campus resources and departments when I needed any type of support. In turn, I’m a firm believer in utilizing campus resources and campus departments to help a student excel and enhance the overall student experience. Continue reading “Tapping Into Resources”

Meeting the Challenge

There are some days as a VISTA you just know you’ll remember and December 1st was one of them. Just four days earlier I had gotten a text from Bobby, our Fab Lab Manager, asking if I would like to facilitate an activity for two groups of high school students on Friday morning. I said, “YES!” and asked if he could make a hovercraft large enough to support a student. Bobby said something along the lines of, “That should be doable.” So, a Google search, a little discussion and a shopping trip later, the supplies were in the Fab Lab and ready, well ready for fabrication. I was jazzed! A hovercraft is cool and I knew the students would love it. I could go into detail of what it takes to make a hovercraft last minute, but trust me on this one – it involved heroics and Duct Tape. Continue reading “Meeting the Challenge”

Balancing VISTA and Graduate School Applications

As I wrote this blog, I realized that writing and reflecting on my graduate school application process has allowed me to take a step back and document what I have overcome and celebrate my successes. I want to share my authentic perspective in hopes that this gives insight and support to VISTA members who are applying to graduate school during their VISTA year. Continue reading “Balancing VISTA and Graduate School Applications”