VISTA Spotlight – Sheina Vogt

IMG_7031.JPGName: Sheina Vogt

Host Site: Humboldt State University, Klamath Connection

Alma Mater: University of Washington and Seattle Central College

Major: Environmental Studies

Background: I love the University of Washington (UW). I am that ridiculous alumnus that will wear her UW Huskies shirts with exuberance and pride long after graduation. The department that housed me, the Program on the Environment, was an amazing family that helped me fit in as a brand new transfer student. My mornings (and many late evenings) were spent in lectures, studying in my favorite libraries and under shady trees, and on as many field-based classes as possible. On one notable field trip, I had to have a park ranger help me get unstuck from quicksand during a walk through a tidal marsh. I cannot over-emphasize how much that sort of experiential learning has meant for me. It’s why I will always love UW.

2378One thing that I rarely get asked about is what else I was doing during my time in university. I had a job. I worked at least 4 hours every day after school as an assistant teacher at a daycare center. This was an entirely different setting, and the skill set I developed there was unique. Nothing helps cement a leadership voice like commanding the attention of a room full of 4 and 5 year olds. I highly suggest this for anyone wishing to brush up on their public speaking. Also, children are inspiring little scientists, artists, and engineers from the get go. They exude an infectious hope and excitement for the future, and this can be medicinal for anyone trying to stay positive while studying social and environmental crises. And lastly, after heading home from a long day of classes and work, it can be very difficult to make studying seem feasible. All of this is to say, I learned to persevere, become resilient, and believe in a hopeful future through work experience.

Why you serve: I truly believe in the concept of national service. For me, it is an important part of being an American to serve those around me. I chose CSU STEM VISTA, because I wanted to serve others in the same way that I was served. Education can be used as a tool to begin repairs on many issues within our planet and our society. During my own education, I have had countless people, seen and unseen, aiding me. As a CSU STEM VISTA I have wanted to guide and create a culture of community within the university.

IMG_6354.JPGAccomplishments: Trying to build a community as a way to boost student success, means that my achievements often look like students hanging out. Every time I see students in the Klamath Connection program studying, cooking, or heading to classes together it is an accomplishment. The close knit community that has formed may seem like a byproduct, but it is actually a focal point. The flourishing of student and faculty community makes every day a little bit lighter.

Advice: Personal dance parties are so important! I get so sucked into my work now and then, that I need to get my wiggles out. When it happens, I have been known to actually dance about my desk with my headphones on, but your dance parties can (and probably should) look different. Bring some joy to work! I always feel more able to tackle my work afterwards.


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