Sustainable Scrabble for a VISTA

To the future CSU STEM VISTAs,

Your word is sustainability.

And trust me, you’ll be hearing that word a lot.

S-U-S-T-A-I-N-A-B-I-L-I-T-Y Continue reading “Sustainable Scrabble for a VISTA”


Creating Community Via Commonality

Community is complex and not one community is exactly the same as another. Different people, different upbringings, different circumstances. Acknowledging these differences is what makes a community. Those who are a part of the community can share, learn, and grow from one another’s experiences. As we grow, we learn that we are not entirely different. Continue reading “Creating Community Via Commonality”

Balancing VISTA and Graduate School Applications

As I wrote this blog, I realized that writing and reflecting on my graduate school application process has allowed me to take a step back and document what I have overcome and celebrate my successes. I want to share my authentic perspective in hopes that this gives insight and support to VISTA members who are applying to graduate school during their VISTA year. Continue reading “Balancing VISTA and Graduate School Applications”

How to be an Ally

My VISTA journey started back in my college town of Athens, Georgia and it has brought me over 2,000 miles to the sunny city of Long Beach, CA. Though I worked with undocumented high school students in Athens, I was unsure if all that I had learned would be applicable in a new community. Because of this, I have often found myself reflecting on what it means to be a good ally. According to Merriam-Webster, ally is a verb meaning, “to unite or form a connection or relation between”. I think it is important to note that being an ally requires conscious action.  I continually try to educate myself on what being a good ally really means, so I thought I would share a few things that I have learned along the way. Continue reading “How to be an Ally”

CSU STEM VISTA: A Day in the Life

Miriam is a CSU STEM VISTA serving as the Outreach Coordinator for the College of Science at CSU Stanislaus.

Any VISTA knows that our year of service comes with tremendous personal and professional growth and fulfillment, but also plenty of exhaustion. This is where I am, feeling exhausted.  After all, we only have one year to create a meaningful impact in our CSU system and local communities, we don’t have time to waste.  These thoughts are constantly on my mind as well as the time limit of our one-year VISTA contract. This has pushed me to take every minute as 60 seconds.  Here is a glimpse into one day of my VISTA duties. Continue reading “CSU STEM VISTA: A Day in the Life”