Planting “Radical” Seeds

Sullivan, Summer
Summer Sullivan is a CSU STEM VISTA serving as the Edible Garden Coordinator at CSU Bakersfield.

I think about the natural world a lot. And most importantly, I think about our human relationship with it. I am reminded every single day that political and social injustices, violence against our environment, and an outright disregard for marginalized populations have left us in a position where sadly, a statistic like 40% food insecurity for the students, faculty, and staff at CSU Bakersfield (CSUB) is not surprising. As a CSU STEM VISTA my year of service is focused on changing that statistic. Continue reading “Planting “Radical” Seeds”


A Journey That Found Its Purpose

Written By Nam Kang, CSU STEM VISTA Member 2016-17 CSU Bakersfield, Fabrication Laboratory

14517481_1128013860568525_815002108047413197_n.jpgWe all wonder which kind of journey our life will take us on, where will we will be, and what we will be doing in the future. Like everyone else, I have been on that journey, unsure of what my future holds. Then one day, I wandered down a path that helped me realize what my future will look like.

I have always enjoyed being a mentor to others. Perhaps, it was the influence of great mentors that I have been blessed with in my life, or how easily I can connect with others. But my passion for becoming a great mentor has always been inside of me. Thus, wanting to pursue a career in teaching came naturally for me. Continue reading “A Journey That Found Its Purpose”